Screening Blocks at Cinema&Co.

The Z Shorts International Film Festival is available online throughout September to stream at your leisure. Buy your streaming pass here:

We are also pleased to be screening many of these fantastic short films this weekend (Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of September). You can purchase a single or 2 day pass for this brilliant event here: 

If you purchase an online streaming pass you will be eligible for discounts across the weekend – just show us your confirmation email on your phone and you can get money off day passes as well as select hot and cold drinks and snacks. 

Below are our screening blocks for Friday and Saturday so you can pick and choose which films you’d like to see. But remember, your day passes allow you to come and go as you please, so feel free to pop in whenever over the weekend and we’ll always have a short film screening for you.

FRIDAY 17th September

Block 1 – Friday 17th 12:00


  • Enchanted

    In a dark and modern fairy tale Lucy becomes a muse for Oliver who uses bizarre methods to create the perfect photograph.
    [Runtime=6:0 – UK – England]

  • 35 Days
    A small Ohio town, home to one of the busiest Air Traffic Control facilities, endures the most prolonged federal government shutdown and the harsh winter cold. [Runtime=11:49 – United States]

  • Above the Troubled Water
    Three gay friends from Nigeria — Bisi, Damoshe & Ade — are forced to flee their country. Above the Troubled Water follows their stories as they adjust to life in exile. [Runtime=37:56 – United States]

  • Autumn Never Dies
    Danny is an ostrich living in Glasgow with his roommate, a monkey named Nelson. After a failed suicide attempt over the break up with his girlfriend, Danny seeks counselling to help him get his life back on track. After meeting Lizzie during a pub quiz, friendship quickly turns into romance but when Danny’s former lover reaches out to him again, he finds his new relationship under threat. With his life at a crossroads, Danny reaches out to his psychiatrist for advice.
    [Runtime=25:16 – UK – Scotland]

  • Honor Among Thieves
    When a planet-hopping cowboy-criminal returns to New Mexico after a heist-gone-wrong, he expects a hero’s welcome. Instead, he finds his mutinous crew have decided he’s no longer in charge.
    [Runtime=9:59 – United States]

  • Making Peace
    It’s 1969 and Janis is stranded on the side of a desolate, desert road, where she’s picked up by a stranger, Dennis, who helps her come to terms with the reality of her life, and death.
    [Runtime=23:28 – United States]

  • Upwell
    A vision of surfing, embodied by pro surfer Kassia Meador, appears as in a dream and inspires a woman to return to the water after a devastating loss.
    [Runtime=6:3 – United States]

  • Waiting
    A young man waits for his Zoom meeting to begin. [Runtime=1:0 – UK – Scotland]

Block 2 – Friday 17th 15:00

    • In a Whole New Way
      Ensnaring almost four million Americans, probation has evolved from a way to avoid prison to a sanction actually feeding mass incarceration. Supported by neighborhood allies, some people of color set out to change all this, equipped only with cameras.
      [Runtime=31:4 – United States]

    • Home Wreckers
      A couple’s romantic dinner at home is wrecked when a fly joins them. [Runtime=11:24 – UK – England]

    • Iris
      A sexual orientation different from the mores of society is interpreted as ungodly contrary to the foundation of society. Behind every man, every woman hides a regret at not being able to show this, to take responsibility for it.
      [Runtime=4:21 – France]

    • Rope
      Forgiving and forgetting are two different things. [Runtime=6:0 – Australia]

    • Side Effect
      Dr. Carrie Holmes has a thriving psychiatry practice but she’s off her game. It all comes to a head one busy afternoon. After years of unchecked drug pushing, she comes face to face with her own guilty conscience amid a swirl of mysteriously induced painful side effects from the wonder drug she has been prescribing.
      [Runtime=10:0 – United States]

    • Take Me With You
      Set at the end of a humid east coast summer, a close-knit group of family and friends gather to memorialize one of their own. When unspoken feelings and baggage threaten to disrupt their purpose, the family patriarch refocuses the occasion with a surprising ritual. [Runtime=23:25 – United States]

    • The Traveler
      On a journey to reach her father in Arizona, Casey’s car breaks down. She decides to start walking. Shay Michaels offers her a ride to the nearest motel but it is fully booked so Casey stays at her place. They soon realize that they are more similar than initially thought.
      [Runtime=17:3 – United States]

    • Under the Same Sky
      Women around the globe share wisdom in a global pandemic. [Runtime=14:0 – United States]


Block 3 – Friday 17th 18:00

    • 90 Days to Leave
      This documentary is about the expulsion of the Asian community from the East African nation of Uganda in 1972. It explores not only the hatred and hostility that they received in Uganda but also the difficulties of gaining their British visas and the further challenges that awaited many of those who did make it to Britain during the racially charged era of the 1970s.
      [OS – India]

    • Florence & Normandie
      This story, in black and white, begins and ends at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in Los Angeles. Frances, a white mother adopts two sons right after her husband Freddy is murdered in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots in 1992. On a mission to honor his memory, Frances raises Florence (black) and Normandie (white), where being each others’ keeper is paramount.
      [Runtime=17:0 – United States]

    • Food Fantasy
      A fourth-year university student in lockdown with endless deadlines dreams of having a feast instead of leftovers.
      [Runtime=1:0 – UK – Scotland]

    • Lift, Spur
      With rodeo in their blood, three brothers and best friends from rural Saskatchewan spend their summer on the competitive circuit. “Lift, Spur” explores the meaning of friendship in times of transition and growing up in a changing world.
      [Runtime=29:41 – Canada]

    • MindGait
      MindGait is a look into a world where human beings have been abducted. After a war in which the human race is victorious, the real consequences of these abductions are realized and humanity is put to the test.
      [Runtime=8:14 – Canada]

    • One-way Ticket
      This is the story of Mr. Rafael Castrillon, a master toymaker with more than sixty years of experience, and a former Mr. Peru in bodybuilding. His story is a one-way ticket towards the manufacture of the traditional wooden toy.
      [Runtime=13:29 – Peru]

    • Tooth

      When Calvin is told by his older brother that all the magic in the world lives in his last baby tooth, he comes up with a plan to make sure he never loses it. Can he prevent the inevitable, or will the magic disappear forever?
      [Runtime=11:25 – United States]
    • Yoshi Funabashi
      A stylised portrait surrounding Yoshi Funabashi, founder of Studio Ypsilon: a luxury atelier designing Italian classics with a Japanese touch. By mixing his sophisticated heritage with a fascination for Italian music, Yoshi’s character becomes the embodiment of the “Opera Connoisseur”.
      [Runtime=3:30 – Italy]

SATURDAY 18th September

Block 4 – Saturday 18th 12:00

    • A Pilgrimage Into Tibet
      To acknowledge the 60 year freedom struggle of the Tibetan people and their leader, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, eight intrepid pilgrims take on an epic pilgrimage trek through remote Nepal into occupied Tibet, to walk around Mount Kailash, Asia’s most sacred mountain. Confronting altitude, officialdom and their own physical limits, their journey reveals seldom seen experiences of todays’ Nepal and Tibet. in summer 2019. [Runtime=28:30 – Australia]

    • Breathing Hole
      My wife is attacked by a mysterious man in front of me. [Runtime=29:22 – South Korea]

    • How to Get $100 Million
      A disenchanted young woman ascribes to the get-rich-quick advice of a self-help guru … only to learn the cost of getting exactly what you want.
      [Runtime=9:23 – United States]

    • Lockdown Love
      Adam is looking forward to his date with Sarah. [Runtime=1:0 – UK – Scotland]

    • Milk
      When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart. [Runtime=5:0 – New Zealand]

    • Soyka
      Anna, a young woman from Belarus, tries to survive in New York City while dreaming of a better life. This intimate portrait showcases the experience of the American immigrant: loneliness, fear, happiness, self-realization, and ultimately hope.
      [Runtime=15:28 – United States]

    • Dark Hearts
      After living with the disappearance of their only child for months, a couple has no choice but to move on with life. But when ladybugs appear, the mother believes it’s a sign her daughter is still alive. Her husband isn’t so quick to believe. Both hope for a miracle the next time the phone rings.
      [HM – United States]

    • Trilemma
      Detective Walter Day finds himself caught in a cycle of witnesses who all saw the same suspect commit an awful crime but in each case, one important element is always missing: the victims. When another witness appears, his patience begins to wear thin and his nerves begin to fray.
      [Runtime=14:14 – UK – Scotland]


Block 5 – Saturday 18th 14:30

  • Fracture
    Victor lives in an apartment with invisible walls. While the world is just a few steps away, Victor hopes that one day someone will knock at his door.
    [Runtime=9:59 – France]


  • Conversation With A Cigarette
    A cat and mouse game ensues when a man faces his greatest enemy … a cigarette. [Runtime=18:0 – United States]

  • Eve
    This is a comedy drama about a young woman who has just got married to her long term boyfriend and now has doubts, acknowledging that she has been repressing her sexual attraction for women for some time.
    [Runtime=13:4 – UK – England]

  • Mom
    William is a twelve year old boy who lives with his mother and two younger siblings. He arrives home on the last day of school to find his mother dead of a drug overdose. Fearing that the border patrol will come and take him and his siblings away, he decides to hide her death and take on the role of “Mom” to keep his family together. However, he finds out that being an adult isn’t all it’s cut out to be.
    [Runtime=30:0 – United States]

  • On/Off
    Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity. [Runtime=7:0 – Argentina]

  • Perspective Shift – Prue Stevenson
    Perspective Shift explores the triumphs and trials of some of Australia’s top practitioners in the arts who also happen to be people with disability. Prue Stevenson is a top emerging visual and performance artist whose art practice was birthed from her identity as an autistic woman and is an integral way that she connects with the world around her. [Runtime=28:0 – Australia]

  • Tikkun Olam
    “Tikkun Olam” is about an eight-year-old boy in Washington, D.C. who encounters a homeless veteran. The film was inspired by the director’s own experiences while living in Washington, D.C., which has the highest homelessness rate in America. [Runtime=10:30 – United States]

  • Zap!
    An astronomer sharing online backyard observations of the center of our galaxy has a run- in with mosquitoes and a not so trusty bug zapper.
    [Runtime=5:47 – United States]

Block 6 – Saturday 18th 17:00

    • Bandwidth
      Frank’s important job interview on Zoom goes south due to his “stay at home” Covid precautious family using up his bandwidth.
      [HM – United States]

    • Forty Years From Now
      Forty years after graduation, three High School friends reunite to fulfill a pact to dig up a coffee can they buried that contain predictions and secrets written by their younger selves. The contents spark revelations about their past while potentially changing the course of their futures.
      [Runtime=19:25 – United States]

    • No Answer
      “No Answer” is about a single father who is forced to leave his daughter at home alone to avoid losing his job … a decision that may have cost him more than he expected.
      [HM – United States]

    • Springtime Turns to Summer
      Set against the blistering heat of Australia’s 2019 bushfire-ravaged summer, a couple meet to decide: does love overcome our failures, or does it make failing those we love inexcusable?
      [Runtime=11:0 – Australia]

    • Stray
      A spirit metes out vengeance when a young girl ignores her mother’s warning about the Pied Piper myth.
      [Runtime=3:0 – United States]

    • The Man From Boggy Creek
      A documentary short that looks at the legacy and influence of independent film director Charles B. Pierce. His film “The Legend of Boggy Creek” helped create the faux- documentary style horror film and inspired a generation of filmmakers. “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” introduced audiences to the masked or hooded killer in films. Despite these accomplishments, Pierce’s legacy has largely been ignored.
      [Runtime=26:32 – United States]

    • The Sound of Time
      A Chinese architect, who has time anxiety, takes a virtual reality trip to Belgium. She falls in love with a man in Brussels. The encounter leads her to explore the true meaning of time.
      [Runtime=34:55 – Belgium]

    • Welcome to Forever
      The brilliant designer of smart houses leaves a posthumous surprise for his widow. [HM – United States]


Block 7 – Saturday 18th 19:30

    • A Poo Film
      A few outdoor friends wanted to know if people took going to the bathroom in the outdoors seriously. What they discovered first hand from thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail is both shocking and useful for anyone who ventures out into the wild.
      [Runtime=23:5 – United States]

    • 3 Conversations in April
      How do you communicate with a loved one who doesn’t use words to communicate, who lives miles away in a group home, and who has been placed in isolation because of Covid 19? This is the filmmaker’s recordings of the first phone calls she’s ever made to her brother – an older man with autism.
      [HM – United States]

    • Behind the Glass
      Mario thinks he is in control. He thinks he knows what he is doing. He looks down to the people on the other side of the glass but what Mario doesn’t know is that the glass itself is not on his side.
      [Runtime=5:0 – Spain]

    • Just Another Day
      “Just Another Day” draws attention to depression, abuse and the perception of separated/divorced women in society. Through the happenings of a single day in the life of Anjali Katekar, we can live the agony of hundreds of middle-aged women facing stigma for mistakes that are not even their own.
      [Runtime=9:59 – India]

    • Outlines of Love
      Luka is a 23 years old Portuguese-British art student. With just hours to go before his family join him for his art-exhibit graduation show, he shares something very personal with his grandmother, who helped raise him and with whom he has a strong bond. [Runtime=35:0 – UK – England]

    • Remembrance
      A thief who downloads memories and information to sell to the highest bidder is cornered by a mysterious woman who wants information of her own; but the woman is not all that she appears to be.
      [Runtime=15:0 – Australia]

    • The Wizard
      A brief experimental documentary on the film “The Wizard,” Nintendo and 80’s and 90’s kids.
      [Runtime=11:38 – United States]

    • Zap!
      An astronomer sharing online backyard observations of the center of our galaxy has a run- in with mosquitoes and a not so trusty bug zapper.
      [Runtime=5:47 – United States]